Membrane Materials & Separation Technologies Research Laboratory


Our research group is focused on development of novel membrane materials and membrane based separation technologies for gas and liquid separations in the areas of energy, water, environmental and health sciences. Membrane technology is an important alternative to high energy consuming conventional separation technologies due to its energy efficiency, reliability, low carbon and ecological footprint, and modular nature. We carry out fundamental and applied research related to fabrication, characterization and testing of membrane materials towards the design of new high performance polymer and polymer-based composite membranes. In doing this, we use polymer science, materials synthesis characterization fundamentals along with molecular simulation tools to develop an understanding of structure-property relationships and relate them to the performance of membrane materials for a specific application. Our goal is to address some of the issues in solving important problems of the world such as clean energy, global warming, water shortage, environmental pollution and affordable healthcare.


Our New TÜBİTAK - RFBR Joint Project

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M. Sc. Thesis defense

Our group member Melis Tok Şimşek presented her M.Sc. thesis completed under the supervision of Prof. Birgül Tantekin Ersolmaz and titled “Polyimides/ZIF-... Read More

Ph.D. Thesis defense

Our group member Marcel Balçık presented his Ph.D. thesis completed under the supervision of Prof. M. Göktuğ Ahunbay and titled “Investigation of P... Read More